• Do you offer any quantity discounts?
  • Yes, contact sales@underfoldstocks.com. In some cases, we can offer discounts as well as Free shipping. 
  • How do I know when my order has shipped ?
  • You will receive an email with a receipt and tracking number after your order is placed.
  • What forms of payment do you accept ?
  • Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover. On special request, we can accept personal check, through e-Check system, as well as Paypal.
  • Can I purchase just the alloy folding stock parts in aluminum and stainless steel pivot assembly?
  • No, we do not sell the metal parts or pivot assembly separately. You need to order the entire set put together.
  • Can you ship outside the US ?
  • No, not at this time. This product requires US State Department export license for stock for rifles, and should not be taken out of country without getting approvals and certifications from concerned authorities.
  • Can I change out the Hogue grip for a different style grip ?
  • Yes, the stock accepts standard AK-47 grips made by many manufactures.
  • Is this stock Legal on my rifle ? Does it confirm to Federal and State Laws?
  • If your rifle barrel is 16 inches and installed on the Underfold Stock it meets Federal laws. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) requires a minimum overall length of 26 inches and a minimum barrel length of 16 inches on all rifles. Note: Always check local and state laws for restrictions before installing. 
    "A short barreled rifle is a rifle (which is defined as a shoulderfired, rifled bore firearm) with a barrel length of less than 16",

    or an overall length of less than 26", or any weapon made from a rifle falling into the same length parameters (like a pistol made

    from a rifle). In measuring barrel length you do it from the closed breech to the muzzle, see 27 CFR sec. 179.11. To measure

    overall length do so along, "the distance between the extreme ends of the weapon measured along a line parallel to the center line of

    the bore." 27 CFR sec. 179.11. On a folding stock weapon you measure with the stock extended, provided the stock is not readily

    detachable, and the weapon is meant to be fired from the shoulder."


  • Will the Underfold Stock for the Ruger 10/22 fit on my bull barrel .920 ?
  • Not the regular stock, but you need to order the one especially marked for "BULL BARREL" version. Item BLK-BLK-BB/PH1 which is the black polymer with black anodized aluminum parts or item BLK-SIL-BB/PH1 which is the black polymer with Silver anodized parts. Bull Barrel is also available in Straight Arms options now. The part numbers are BLK-BLK-BB-ST/PH1 and BLK-SIL-BB-ST/PH1.
  • Is payment secured, or can I make a payment over the phone?
  • Your payment and personal information is always safe. Our Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software is the industry standard and among the best software available today for secure commerce transactions. It encrypts all of your personal information, including credit card numbers, name, and address, so that it cannot be read over the internet. However, if you would like to pay via phone, please call us at 407.267.6565 during our business hours.
  • Can I get a refund if needed?
  • Please contact customer service at sales@underfoldstocks.com to obtain an RA number (Return Authorization). A refund request of the product is due within 14 days after receipt of item. If the 14 days are exceeded, we have the right to assess 25% restocking fee. All refunds will be provided as a credit to the credit card used at the time of purchase.
  • Shipping/Delivery Information:
  • Your order will ship out within two business days of your order, unless backordered. You will receive an email confirmation with the Fedex tracking number upon shipment. We use FEDEX services which consist of the following methods: overnight, second day, ground, and USPS via Fedex. APO/FPO and P.O. boxes are accepted. Depending on the selection of service that you choose will determine delivery.
  • Warranty:
  • We stand behind our product and strive for 100% customer satisfaction. If you are having a problem, or would like to request information on a return, you can contact us by email at sales@underfoldstocks.com.
  • Do you have stocks that extend all the way up (straight) like the factory stock does? Rather than stopping at a 15 degree angle? Can I purchase one that locks at both locations, i.e. at 15 degrees and straight up?
  • Yes we recently released a version that is the straight through option. As the locking mechanism has to be incorporated at the time of manufacture and the notch is too close to  hold the arms at an 15 degree angle and straight up, we can sell a stock either at an angle or straight but not both. This keeps the stock strength and avoids wiggling of the arms. Please refer to photos on our website in the Product Gallery section for both options. Also at the time or ordering you need to order BLK-BLK-ST/PH1  for black arms, and BLK-SIL-ST/PH1 for silver arms, which are straight arms and not at an angle. Our main seller is the AK-47 style, 15 degree angle arms option. We offer straight arms option on all stocks, including BULL barrel and Take Down versions also.
  • How does your stock compare with competitors? Are all parts made in USA or some imported from overseas?
  • All our competitors have great and unique products. Some offer collapsible stocks, and others offer side folding stock. Our stock is unique in the sense, that we only focus on Ruger 10/22 rifles and it's variations only.  Plus, we are the only ones who have an underfolder stock for Ruger 10/22 rifles. We are proud to cover all Ruger 10/22 variations including standard barrels, bull (.920) barrels, and now the take down too. We also listen to our customers in great details, and when some of you mentioned that you wanted straight arms with the polymer injection molded stock, we listened, and are now making ones that extend straight through. We are also going to introduce arms with various colors, not to mention the limited edition green camo edition. And yes, our stocks, from start to finish consist of parts that are all 100% made in the USA.

  • Is it really hard to assemble the Take Down version ?
  • Actually, it is really simple process. You can download the "Assembly Instructions for Take Down" from our home page. But the key step is, to make sure before attaching the Underfold Barrel section, you need to attach the barrel to the Receiver assembly, lock it, and then proceed with attaching the second polymer piece. Steps 5-9 from assembly guide. Minor adjustments between the underfold sub-assemblies can be achieved by working with the receiver screw and barrel screw, so it is a good idea not to tighten these screws till all looks perfect. Some of the Ruger take downs, need to have the two tilting screws "tweaked" to adjust the front stock to align with the rear stock piece. There is nothing we can do to avoid this. Please read instructions carefully, and follow details on Ruger's website for their guidelines. See picture below.

  • What is the main difference between Straight arms and Angled Arms ? Which one is easier to shoot? 
  • Actually, it all depends on the shooter. We have asked for feedback from hundreds of people who have angled and straight arm stocks, in all variations, as well as have received emails and comments from hundreds more. Some people love the angled stocks as they are extremely comfortable to shoot but others prefer straight arms. What we have gathered based on feedback from our customers, is the arms are determined according to the scopes people are using to shoot. For iron sights, or red-dots people prefer the Angled Arm Stocks. For Nikon Pro Staff and other big/large scopes people prefer shooting with straight arms. Plus, it is a personal preference obviously. 

  • Is there a way to put slings on these stocks ? Do you have any suggestions?
  • Yes there is a way. Since our polymer stock is made of solid glass beads, it is extremely strong to be drilled and sling mounts can be installed. In our "Gallery Page" please see lots of pictures we have posted. We are not promoting any brand of sling mounts but we tried many and found Uncle Mike's and Black Hawk to be the easiest to mount. Also, in the next few weeks we will offer a way to pay for the sling mounts to be installed at the time of order (in both Silver and Black) with warranty. We realize that custom Sling installs, can be really costly if purchased from us directly, and lots of our customers have done this on their own and shared their experience on Ruger forums. You can see assembly pictures with slings in our Gallery page.